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Family Update #4 - Back to the routine: School Begins

Dear Family and Friends,

               Greetings in Christ. Hope that you are all well. We can't believe that it's been 2 months since we crossed the Mississippi. School began last week, and life is getting back into a routine, routine for middle Tennessee anyways: A pig roast at the Love Good house, tractor show, homeschool park days in the creek, post mass brunches at our house with some St. Lawrence families, hanging out with our homesteading/homeschool neighbors. The projects continue both on the homestead and off. Below are some pictures of the past two weeks. Enjoy!


The Great Tortoise Escape...

A few weeks back we lost Rocky, Isa's tortoise. We searched for 2 long hours, into the night,and soon all our neighbors were notified. Finding no trace we went inside defeated, hoping he would show up the next morning. Apparently though desert tortoises are faster than children's stories would have you believe. Day after day there was no sign of him. He sadly sorta disappeared from our minds in the craziness of starting school. Or so we thought, a few weeks later as we drove down the road Dad pushed the brakes real hard. There was Rocky! Waiting in the smack middle of the road, literally waving to us.


and the bunnies tried it too.

And then, last Sunday right before Mass the bunnies escaped. Two little does broke out of their pen and went into the forest. Apparently children's books about bunnies are more accurate. Those bunnies are fast, especially when you are chasing them through the forest wearing your Sunday's best. We managed to catch them both and get to Mass on time, a little sweatier than usual.

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