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Ryan Hanning



- veritas de Terra -

Truth From the Land (Ps 85:12)

I am a professor, itinerant teacher/speaker, novice homesteader, husband & father with a passion for teaching and diving into the deepest questions of our humanity.

Why are we here? What is good?  

What is beautiful?  What is truth?

The good news is that these questions are not answered in isolation. Faith and reason, informed by both revelation and nature, provide an exciting context in which to examine the fundamental truths as well as the practical realities of our life.

My family and I work a small homestead in Tennessee and I write and speak on a host of topics related to theology, ethics, ecology and the common good.  From youth conventions & parish missions to business seminars & school in-services I would love to speak to your parish or organization.

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Stay curious...seek truth.

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Staff & leadership Formation

Forming staff and faculty to know and understand their role in the mission is key to the success of any organization. By blending experience serving on small committees, boards, large international charities and complex university systems, staff and leadership development can be designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. Some examples of formation.

Online Webinars

While in-person is always preferred, technology can provide a suitable bridge for trainings, staff engagement, and consultation which encourages good stewardship of financial resources and the environment.

Speaking Engagements

Mixing a sense of humor and inspiration alongside scholarship and deep joy for the truth, talks aim to teach, inspire, and guide people to continued study and engagement on a host of topics. From family life and Christian ecology to Catholic/Classical education and Virtuous Leadership I would love to speak to your parish or group. Some examples of recently given talks.

Strategic Planning and Product Development

The Catholic Church is unique. Its institutions, whether Diocese, Parishes or Universities require a blend of authentic evangelical zeal along with sound business practices and good stewardship. The underlying question must always be, “how can our organization better fulfill its mission for the glory of Christ and His Church?” Consultation and support can range from turn-key project development, small capital campaigns, strategic planning, as well as hiring. Some examples of previous projects.


Areas of Practice

Historical Theology

Church history is much more than an examination of past events. It is the study of the ideas that shaped western civilization and the engagement of Judeo-Christian ideals with the ancient and classical world.  I teach church history and more specifically the practice and development of theology in the eastern and western traditions.

Culture & Modernity

Modernity and post-modernity present some unique challenges to the formation and renewal of Christian culture. Despite the challenges of relativism and false notions of freedom, the modern world still hungers for beauty, truth and goodness, and it can still be found if you know where to look. 

The Family

The family is the "vital cell of society" and it plays a central role in the the New Evangelization. In their beauty and brokenness families teach us how to love. In the battle for a more humane and ethical world the family is both the proving and the battle ground. If there is to be an authentic renewal of culture it will begin with a renewal of family life.

Catholic & Classical Education

What is the purpose of a Catholic education?  What are the foundations of a classical & humane formation?  We are 60 years into an experiment which reduces education to the purely pragmatic, & reduces human purpose to being good consumers and functionaries. It is time to rediscover with great joy & conviction the true purpose of education.


Wendell Berry explains "there are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.“ Of the three fundamental relationships, the right relationship with the land is most confused today. The truth that grace builds on nature and we are meant to 'guard and til' requires an authentic and renewed Christian ecology.

Virtuous Leadership

Leadership is often misunderstood today. It is not just about project completion and the bottom line.  In the words of Alex Havard, a real leader 'seeks to achieve greatness by bringing our the greatness in others.' They get the job done while developing and cultivating the people they lead. 

Ryan has been blessed by the Lord Jesus with a testimony, gifts, & a marriage & family which serve the needed New Evangelization in our time in remarkable ways. He is a Catholic man of authentic faith whose speaking & consulting come from a deep place of prayer. I recommend his work highly.
— Bs. Thomas Olmsted, Bishop Diocese of Phoenix


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